These spring clips are clips used for holding objects together or connecting some parts of an engine. These spring clips have a kind of spring-attached tension that enables them to hold objects that are cylindrical. It is worth noting that another name for spring clips is terry clips and there are several uses in many fields.

This article will provide an outline of everything you need to know about spring clips.

What Are Spring Clips Made Up Of?

Spring clips are classified based on their level of grips which are majorly on two kinds of materials and they are:


These kinds of spring clips are common types of clips that are used for most cables. They are usually used for any equipment that is electrically connected. Plastic spring clips are easily manufactured, and less expensive and when you talk about good insulators for electrical connection, you can be sure to get a great deal but they do not possess the strength a steel or other materials such as metal has on objects. These plastics can be painted with any kind of color.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel clips are the opposite of plastic clips as they offer better strength /grips on objects being held. These kinds of clips last longer and can withstand changes in temperature conditions. They are popularly manufactured in countries like the UK.

To reduce the wearing off as a result of friction thereby causing damage to the objects or items being held or inserted, a coating preferably made up of nylon qualities will help to reduce such wear off

Types Of Spring Clips

Spring clips come in different sizes and shapes and each of them has its uses unique to them. Some of the clips include the following:

Circular Spring Clips

These types of clips are usually round in shape and mostly serve as a form of hook for holding a bunch of keys together.

U-Shaped Metal Spring Clips

These spring clips can be used to assemble springs in furniture as well as for connecting pipes.

Round Metal Spring Clips

These are clips that are usually used to hold paper together.

Small Metal Spring Clips

These are the most essential items for workers as they are used for attaching items like ID cards, badges, and security cards onto the user’s cloth.

Command Spring Clips

Command spring clips are lightweight and are usually small in size. They can stick to unlike items such as pictures, and clothing items like jackets and they enable these related items to be hung onto walls.

What Are The Uses Of Spring Clips?

Spring clips have a whole lot of uses and can be commonly found around us. Some of the uses are :

  • Spring Clips can be used to attach baskets to collect remaining food particles from the sink in the kitchen.
  • They can be used to hold frames of pictures together with the boards at the back.
  • Spring clips are commonly used in construction sites.
  • They can be used to hold work tools like hammers because of their handles.
  • Spring clips can hold mobile devices in an upright position for fast accessibility. They can also hold electrically wired cables.


Spring clips are an essential tool for holding objects be they household objects, wires, or cables. They are a great collection to own. What’s more? They’re affordable and wouldn’t put a hole in your wallet.


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