Since an eSIM cannot be taken out of an iPhone if lost or stolen, it is more secure than a conventional SIM. You no longer have to buy, carry, or exchange physical SIM cards prone to loss, or wait for them to come by mail when you have eSIM.

On authorized iPhone models, two eSIMs can be active at once. For instance, you might have one eSIM for your place of residence and another for the location you’re visiting. Only changing your settings in Settings will allow you to switch which of your saved eSIMs is now active. This can be helpful if you frequently stop by the same locations. By visiting this link you can get the required details about eSIM cards and their availability.

Get an eSIM from a Local Carrier in the Area that You’re Visiting

  • Locate international service providers that let iPhone user’s use eSIM.
  • Your iPhone can only be used by that carrier if it has been tied to that carrier. Through that carrier, additional eSIMs and plans can be added. Go to Settings > General > about on your iPhone to see if it has been unlocked. “No SIM restrictions” is displayed next to Carrier Lock if your iPhone has been opened. Understand.
  • If you intend to spend a lot of time away from home, purchase a postpaid account in addition to a prepaid eSIM plan. Postpaid plans are offered by carriers in every country that accepts eSIM. Depending on the nation or region, you could require a credit card, proof of local residency, or both.
  • Eight or more eSIMs can be stored on your iPhone and utilized as needed. You can simultaneously use two eSIMs on supported iPhone models. Carrier fees could be included. To learn more, speak with your carrier.

How Can You Change Your Physical SIM to an eSIM?

If you’ve taken the decision to switch from a physical sim to an eSIM, proceed as follows:

  • Sending an SMS to 121 will start the procedure. Send the word eSIM to the number 121.
  • You will get an SMS from 121 if the provided email address is genuine. This is a message of confirmation.
  • To confirm your request for an eSIM change, reply to that SMS with the number “1.” Do not forget to reply within 60 seconds.
  • You will need to begin the procedure by inputting the proper mail ID if your email is invalid. A help SMS from 121 will be sent to you with instructions on how to update the email address.
  • Accept the call and the eSIM request by picking up the phone. Following the confirmation, you will receive the last communication from 121 concerning the QR code on the email address you provided.
  • The QR code should be in your email inbox. To activate your eSIM as soon as possible after receiving it, scan the QR code.
  • The activation of your eSIM takes approximately two hours. Your physical sim network won’t be affected in the interim.

Roam Globally with Your Present Carrier

Providers may offer free a few of their data plans. As an alternative, your carrier might sell inexpensive travel passes or packages that you can buy in advance and use while traveling. The activity of is the same as that of physical SIM roaming. Your carrier could allow you necessary.

Final Thoughts

Numerous carriers provide prepaid plan alternatives that you may buy in advance through their websites or mobile apps, in person once you reach at an airport, store, or other location, or online after arrival. The procedures, will be provided by the carriers. You could be asked to show identification (such as your passport) to make a purchase, depending on local laws. These prepaid carrier choices might offer more economical local data, voice, and text package options.


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