The garage door spring is an important part of the garage door, which helps the door to be raised and lowered gently and smoothly, both manually or by using the garage door opener. Because of continuous up and down movements every day, the moving parts, particularly the door springs tend to wear and get damaged over time. And need repair or replacement.

The springs almost last for 10,000 cycles before the need for garage door spring replacement. Some higher quality springs can even last for 7-9 years approx. Nevertheless, the longevity of springs depends on how frequently you open and close your garage door.

However, proper maintenance and regular examination can save the springs from breaking. Many homeowners prefer to hire a professional for this, as replacing a torsion spring on your own is risky. Always get in touch with a professional repair service for examination and garage door spring replacement.

Why Do We Need To Replace Garage Door Spring?

  • You need to replace your garage door spring as they are one of the most important parts of a garage door. The garage door springs regulate the door movements.
  • Using a damaged garage door spring is dangerous.
  • Also, one of the major reasons for a misbehaving garage door is a faulty or defective spring.
  • Using damaged garage door springs can put an unnecessary load on the engine. This might result in costlier repairs in the future.
  • Moreover, there is a risk if all springs break at once can cause serious risks in terms of health and safety.
  • To reduce possible risks, garage owners must have knowledge of the various garage door spring types and when to replace them.

When Should I Replace My Garage Door Spring?

Torsion springs

The best way is to check the balance of your garage door springs.

  1. When operating manually, if the door does not stay open and needs to hold open, then your garage door springs need replacement.
  2. Next, open the door partially. If the door doesn’t stay in place or feels heavy, or stops while moving, then the springs are worn out.
  3. If the door makes a loud crashing noise when closing.
  4. When the door seems lighter to open, then the springs are not of proper size.
  5. If the garage door opener stretches or the door suddenly closes.
  6. If the door doesn’t stay in position or if there is a gap of about two inches between the springs, then you must replace the springs.

Extension springs

  1. If the spring coils are not symmetric or if they have gaps between them, replace the extension springs.
  2. If the garage door appears uneven and looks misplaced on both sides.
  3. Check if there are any damaged clips and loops, or any other breakages or rust.

Why Buy From Bestar?

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So, don’t you think bestar garage door springs are worth giving a try? If yes, then give it a try. Next time when you need your garage door spring repaired or replaced, remember to visit the official bestar website and find the best product suited for you. There are tons of products there to suit your different needs. Don’t waste your time and go ahead to buy one for your garage door.


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