Huawei Wi-Fi Router WS318n

Huawei’s WS318n router is a ground-breaking network solution in terms of cost/performance. It has a transfer rate of 300 megabits per second (Wi-Fi). It may create a robust network at the workplace or home with the help of the Huawei WS318n router. The Link Plus feature connects the user to a second router effortlessly.

Elegant and Reliable

You don’t need to conceal the HUAWEI ws318n router behind such a piece of furniture to keep it safe. It will blend well with any decor because of its timeless style. Wi-Fi access makes it possible to stream movies, play online games, and download huge files swiftly and efficiently. Automatic selection of the least-used channel is a regular feature of the router.

Stable and Fast Wi-Fi

This router from HUAWEI WS318n gives a capacity of 300 Mb/s of bandwidth and an excellent signal. Even walls can’t stand in the way of rapid, reliable communication thanks to the LDPC algorithm & two external antennas. Using the Link Plus feature, you can easily relate to the second router and synchronize settings to significantly improve signal strength and coverage.

Timeless Design

It has a white matte surface, small antennae, and a minimalistic design. HUAWEI WS318n is also not functional, but it adds a stylish element to the room’s decor.

Protection and Reliability

Setup is a breeze thanks to the user-friendly online interface and the HI Link smartphone app. In addition, you can check network status, modify the Wi-Fi id and password, and regulate internet access for children with the help of this application.

Always In the Communication Area

HUAWEI WS318n has a 2.4 GHz connecting frequency, ensuring a Wi-Fi signal that can handle high-speed Internet connections. It will maintain high-quality relations across thick walls thanks to special antennas and a sophisticated algorithm. Using the intelligent app, you will be able to operate your gadget from your phone.

Stable and Secure

Allows up to 300 Mbit/s of data transfers through the router’s strong processor, making it more stable and reliable. High-speed Internet will be available even if many devices are connected to your modem simultaneously. Extra security measures will be in place to prevent unauthorized connections.

Connect to Another HUAWEI Router

You may join two routers that support HUAWEI HI Link by pressing the Hi button to build a network that has a more excellent range. HUAWEI routers that enable HI Link may also be connected via Ethernet cable to establish a more extensive network.

The router’s Wi-Fi settings can be automatically synchronized with those of its parent router. The primary router’s Wi-Fi name and administrator password will be immediately synchronized to the secondary network if you make any changes to them. If you have more than one router in your house, you will automatically be connected to the best Wi-Fi network available.

Power-Saving Features

Pass through mode, regular mode, & sleep mode are all supported by the router to meet your specific demands at different times of the day and in varied situations. A Wi-Fi timer allows you to turn off Wi-Fi for a predetermined period.


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