If you always have a rough time with cleaning activities at home, you will realize you need a garden hose. You can fix it to the pressure washer with a garden hose and clean even the hardest places with ease. The hose produces water at a high pressure that clears even the stubborn and hardest stains. A kink-proof garden hose will especially give you the best service. That is why even after buying your hose, you must understand preventive measures you can put in place to avoid such kinks. This article explores the ideas on how to ensure your hose doesn’t get kinks. Read on to understand better.

How to Ensure your Hose Doesn’t Kink.

While handling your cleaning services at home using your garden hose, there are considerations you need to check to ensure your hose remains stable even after use. They include:

Safe storage – At home, various other activities take place—for instance, the movement of people or vehicles. If you store your hose in an open area after use, people can step on it or even a car. This will eventually make your garden hose have kinks. So, keep your garden hose somewhere safe.

Consider an expandable garden hose– Expandable hoses are made with kink-resistant materials. Besides, they expand as desired when in use and regain their shape once you stop using them. Also, flat hoses have become quite popular since they don’t kink.

Maintain a straight shape when not using your hose – If you use a tight hose reel, expect more kinks on your hose. As you keep coiling your hose more often, it begins to lose its shape and flexibility with time. As a result, it will develop kinks when using it.

Avoid putting off water pressure unless the hose is wounded up – Whenever you use a large hose loop reel, always keep the water running until the hose wounds up. The reason for this is that as you start to reel when the water isn’t running, there isn’t tightened pressure in the hose, something that will make it start kinking. So, always let your garden hose keep running because the water pressure will prevent kinks from developing.

Consider a rubber hose – When compared with hoses made using other materials, rubber hoses don’t keep the memory. A rubber hose does not tighten up easily, and it is strong and durable. So, a rubber hose does not kink easily in any way.

Burying the garden hose – You can bury your garden hose into the ground, and you will never again experience kinking issues. When in the ground, the hose remains straight and tight. Although it can cause some inconveniences when you want to use it, it is a move that will enable your hose to serve you longer.


Using even the strongest garden hose can be prone to kinks if you do not handle it with care. You can consider several strategies to ensure your hose remains in perfect condition. Try any of the above and have a good experience.


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